Martina Mercer, the Founder of ‘Take the Lead to Success’ is a professional Life Coach Therapist, Pet Psychologist and Dog Behaviourist. Martina became involved in working with animals when it became apparent that pets play an extremely important role in many people’s lives, especially in the self-healing process.

“Our furry companions give unconditional love, attention, comfort and, in some cases, are a life-line”.

Martina qualified as a Pet Psychologist and Pet Behaviourist, specialising in Canine Behaviour in 2006 and has a vast amount of experience working with many Clients and all breeds of dogs, including countless puppies and ‘rescues’ from all over the UK and Europe.

As an avid animal lover, Martina has lived with her own menagerie of puppies, rescue dogs and cats over the last twenty plus years, thereby also  gleaning much practical knowledge of living and working closely with pets.

Based in Hailsham, East Sussex, Martina is currently the the Guardian of Frodo the Weimaraner (as sadly two of her dogs have since passed away) and two cats, all rescued from various shelters and homes over the years.

Hera, Frodo, GD

Hera, Frodo & Ginger Dave

Bilbo with cat-titude & sweet Pippin

Bilbo with cat-titude & Pippin


Martina is proud to belong to an elite group of dog behaviourists within the ‘Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour’, who have proven time and again that positive reinforcement, fun and reward based training methods are so much more successful when teaching puppies and older dogs how to co-exist in our human dens.

By acting as a bridge of psychological communication between the dog and human species’, Martina encourages and coaches both humans and dogs to focus on and respond to each other with mutual love and respect. Thus creating a calm, peaceful and happy home-life for all inhabitants!

Martina Mercer-Hall ^,,¬
BSY (PetPsy), BSYA (Animal Heal), MASC (Life Coach)
Academy of Dog Training & Behaviour Approved Instructor



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